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We all accumulate fat if we consume more food than we burn off during our daily activities. Another cause for excess fat deposition is genetic and can lead to disproportionate accumulation of fat in certain areas such as the hips, tummy, neck, or thighs. Dr. David Sayah is an expert at sculpting the body through liposuction.


Regardless of the cause for excess fat accumulation, a healthy lifestyle including exercise and healthy nutrition is essential to long-term success with liposuction. Dr. David Sayah and his staff will guide you with our in-house nutritionist and exercise physiologist to improve your lifestyle. Using the most modern equipment including laser and power-assisted liposuction, the procedure is used to remove your unwanted fat. Through minimal incisions, the laser melts the fat while minimizing bruising and swelling. The laser also tightens loose skin in those with decreased skin elasticity. Most patients continue to lose weight all over their body over the first six months particularly if they continue their exercise and healthy nutrition regimen.

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